Price for quality of service

Qosifire is a premium service with a free trial period.


is available via monthly subscription. The price is formed as follows.

  • Each registered agent instance costs 100 USD per month.
  • Each stream costs 10 USD per month.

All other features are included in that price:

  • General console account
  • Any number of teams
  • Email notifications
  • Mobile apps registrations
  • Mobile push notifications

You installed 1 monitoring agent to track the quality of 10 live streams.
This will cost 100 USD + 10*10 USD = 200 USD per month.

Trial period

Before going into any payments, you can try basic Qosifire features for free.
You have 2 weeks of free trial from the moment you sign up for your account.

During the trial period your mobile app does not receive notifications. However, the rest of the features are available.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the pricing, please contact our helpdesk to get prompt response.

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