Audio quality monitoring

Qosifire provides Icecast audio streaming quality monitoring

The industry of online radio uses Icecast protocol and tools around it to make efficient delivery of content to the audience.
Qosifire allows making sure that your audio streams are delivered with no glitches and with proper quality.

Qosifire Icecast stream setup and usage details can be found in Monitoring setup articles.
You can find full list of Icecast monitoring parameters in Icecast monitoring setup knowledge base article, here are some most notable ones.

General connectivity

  • Connection events and issues
  • DNS-related events and issues
  • Redirects
  • Agent nodes performance

Icecast and audio specific

  • Metadata and general info
  • Bufferring values and errors
  • Silence detection


Notifications are currently initiated against connectivity errors as well as silence detection with threshold noise level.
All users with proper access level in your account will get emails and mobile push notifications.


Qosifire monitoring agent may use libfds_aac and ffmpeg decoding libraries for silence and noise detection. You can choose that as part of stream monitoring setup.

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