Managing teams

A team is an entity of Qosifire web service which combines streams under monitoring, agent node which check those streams and user allowed to view stats from selected streams on selected nodes.

To learn more about the concept of teams, read Using teams article.

To add and change teams, click on Teams menu in navigation panel to see your teams list.

The list shows basic information on each existing team. You can delete unused teams (except for Admins team) and edit any of them.

To add new team, click on Add team button in order to open a new dialog.

  • Team name and Description fields allow identifying teams in the list.
  • Assigned users field allows assigning admin and non-admin users to this team.
  • Assigned streams field allows defining what streams' data will be visible via this team.
  • Assigned nodes define which agent nodes will the data be represented from when checking streams' stats.

Any user may switch between teams using side navigation bar under Teams section by simply clicking on designated name.