Using teams

A team is an entity of Qosifire web service which combines the following objects:

  • Streams under monitoring
  • Agent nodes where those streams are checked
  • Users who are allowed to view stats from selected streams on selected nodes

From all the streams in customer account, a team selects only those streams which are checked on selected agent nodes, and make them accessible to the users assigned to this team. So only a subset of streams are shown in the panel and users get notifications only for those streams which are assigned for their teams.

Being assigned to several teams, a user is able to switch between them to browse separate subsets of stats.

By default, every account has the Admins team which includes all streams from all agent nodes.

Any user may switch between teams using side navigation bar under Teams section by simply clicking on designated name.

Each team has the assigned users, streams and nodes.

Assigned users field allows assigning admin and non-admin users to this team. As described above, those users will be able to switch to this team, browse streams' stats and receive notifications. You may also assign each user individually via users management interface - see proper section in our docs.

Assigned streams field allows defining what streams' data will be visible via this team. You can also assign stream to a team using streams management interface.

Assigned nodes define which agent nodes will the data be represented from when checking streams' stats. If some stream is checked from nodes A and B and you assigned only node A to a team, then assigned users will get notifications about event on A agent node, but not from B node.

Setting up teams

To learn more about teams setup, managing teams article from our knowledge base.

Watch this video showing this in action: