Other OSes support for Qosifire agent

Some common questions regarding agent software is whether we plan supporting some operating systems other than we support now.

The main concerns with other OSes is the use of systemd by Qosifire agent. It's as a foundation for agent core operations, which makes our software very reliable and allows having high performance.

This is the reason we don't support other Linux distros like Raspbian, CentOS 6 or older Ubuntu versions - they simply don't have what we need. This should not be a problem as having latest Ubuntu or CentOS is not a big deal for the majority of our customers.

Whatever Linux distros support we add in future, we'll pick up only those with systemd support.

Also, systemd is the main reason for us to not support Windows. Trying to implement mechanics similar to systemd on Windows platform, we'll have to increase the complexity of Qosifire agent as well as end-user cost of our services. This is not what we'd like to do to our customers.