Monitoring web service

Web service monitoring console is the front-end part of Qosifire.

Events and stats collection

  • Each stream may be checked by multiple monitoring nodes
  • Agent nodes send data to web service
  • All events are recorded for further representation

Read more in our knowledge base aboutstreams monitoring setup.

HLS live streaming quality monitoring

HLS streams quality tracking is available for MPEG-TS, audio-only and fMP4 (CMAF) containers.
Visit HLS feature pack page for full description.

RTMP live streaming monitoring

RTMP quality tracking covers all protocol-specific errors.
Visit RTMP feature pack page for full description.

Icecast audio live streaming quality feature pack

We've implemented feature set for Icecast streams quality tracking.
You can be sure your online radio is on air.
Visit audio feature pack page for full description of audio capabilities.

User access to setup and stats

  • Admin users may create new admin and non-admin users
  • Users can be assigned to several teams
  • Admin team is created by default to capture all stats and events
  • Custom teams are created to show only specific streams and events

Read more in our knowledge base:

Alerts and notifications

  • Once any of subscribed event occurs, web service sends email alert
  • In any mobile devices are registered, then push notifications are sent
  • Notifications and alerts areset per-stream level

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