Qosifire is a web service to monitor live streams availability and quality

Qosifire checks in real-time that your streams are alive, their content is transferred and it has proper quality.

Qosifire is based on 3 basic components:

  • Agent software checks streams using your nodes
  • Our web service console collects data
  • Free apps notify users' devices about alerts

It's QoS and QoE made easy to use.

Monitoring agent

The outpost of quality monitoring

  • You set up agent on your servers
  • Agent node tracks streams
  • Results are sent to monitoring service

Find out more about agent architecture and setup.

Monitoring service

Gives you full picture over your streams performance

Mobile alerts

Mobile device will notify on issues

  • Get our free apps for Android and iOS
  • Register your devices in web service
  • Get push notifications for chosen events
  • Browse alerts and stats via apps


Qosifire is a subscription-based service with free trial.
Discover the pricing to see how it'll work for you.

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