Qosifire: simple tool for everyday quality monitoring

Live streamers needs to be sure that the produced stream is transmitted properly to all designated viewers. When you're streaming an event, you need to know immediately if some part of your audience is not getting what subscribers or advertisers paid for.

Qosifire performs asimple task: it makes sure your average viewer receives your stream with no delivery issues and gets the consistent content.

How do I run this thing?
To run Qosifire, you just installagents software at various points in the delivery system to verify that the stream is being received and is valid. As you can see in the diagram below, you can install agents near the encoder, origin server, the CDN or even the edge server. These report back to the service console so you can easily track stream validity throughout.Installing an agent is simple.

The monitoring scope is straightforward:

  • 24/7availability of delivered stream;
  • correctnessfrom protocol viewpoint;
  • general contentconsistency;
  • immediatereaction via mobile alert.

Qosifire is a "Telestream" for ordinary people and "Nice People at Work" for mere folk. It's a product for those who want asimple wayto be aware of their delivery problems and who doesn't need sophisticated costly features.

Qosifire solves anarrowbut frequent andcriticalproblem ofsolidstreaming delivery. You are our customer if your streaming scenarios require to check any of these elements:

  • encoder produces stable output;
  • origin delivers the stream to edges and end-users properly;
  • edge servers provides end-users with solid delivery;
  • third-party CDN properly delivers your streams to viewers.

Thisaffordableproduct set makes sure yourinvestmentsinto delivery system arereturnedvia gooduser experience.

Video delivery monitoring includesHLSandRTMPsupport so two most popular protocols used for end-user delivery and initial ingest. As mentioned above, Qosifire makes sure your stream is solid and your content is consistent while being delivered.

Delivery monitoring does not exceed video solutions. TheIcecast quality monitoring makes sure youronline radio does not go silent as literally performssilence detectionin addition to usual protocol-level check.

Qosifire is aside from all existing solutions so it's hard to compare them directly. Some old-style solutions are still installed on Windows desktop to perform the monitoring of a variety of transmission-specific features. With web and mobile being de-facto standard for UI, this approach is no longer capable to improve. Modern top-level QoS/QoE products are backed by huge professional service companies and they provide enterprise-scale capabilities for nearly every use case you can think of. They include both cloud and on-premise services affordable by large companies who truly need full bundle of features to optimize their streaming infrastructure.

So Qosifire uses other approach. Technically Qosifire is a set of 3 products:

  • Agentsoftware is installed on any appropriate server for monitoring. You decide what is proper location and use either virtual or hardware server to easily install the monitoring node.
  • Web serviceto aggregate and analyze incoming stats and issues. Tech personnel can get logins for accessing data from any location via desktop or mobile browser.
  • Mobile appsto get alert notifications onAndroid andiOS. Any user registered in an app will get a push alert to know what's going on.

This simple structure along with the affordable cost of ownership allows easily adopting Qosifire for a wide variety of streaming businesses.


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You can alsorun free 30-seconds check-up if you need just a single stream one-time check.